Key Personnel

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Do you remember what it was like to run around with friend all then savor a refreshing gulp of cold water? We remember and we don't think that kind of fun is reserved for children. Grown-ups should be able to have fun too. That idea of fun and camaraderie is a key part of our team philosophy.

We have a unique approach to “staff” at K2S. No one is considered “staff”. All our personnel, from owners to support personnel, are team members who work together toward common goals. The average time with the firm of our client service team members (excluding the owners) is more than 10 years. We have a high level of partner involvement in all services. You will benefit from a group of people who will know your organization, personnel and processes.

Our key team members are:

Additional staffing for engagements is provided, as needed, from among the 1,250 available team members throughout the United States and Canada.

Learn and Grow Culture

CPAs are required to obtain an average of 40 hours per year of relevant continuing education to meet their licensing requirements. In many firms, that is the standard. Additionally, most firms do not have a process for sharing the learning among the team members. All team members of K2S are committed to life-long learning, and to learning from each other. At K2S, we go beyond the minimum requirements of individual learning.

Each year, K2S team members average over 65 hours of formal continuing education and over 100 hours in current reading. Importantly, after attendance at a continuing education program, the team member who attended the program must present a summary at the weekly firm team meeting and prepare a synopsis for posting on the firm’s Intranet for everyone to access.

In addition to those programs, we participate in monthly “best practices” forums conducted by INPACT, our national association. Our team members also attend a variety of national and international conferences throughout the year to ensure we have the knowledge we need to assist our clients.

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