Services to Individuals

When assessing which services are right for you, we start with your goals. As Michael Gerber asserts in The E-Myth, we start with the end in mind.

You will be working with people who are committed to your success. We use our knowledge to find solutions for you. We offer a variety of services for our individual clients. The majority of our services can be summed up with: We help you plan for life's changes, including - buying a home - getting married - having children - funding college - funding retirement - coping with death - leaving a legacy. In our Knowledge Sharing section you will find articles dealing with these subjects. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Tax Services

As the tax law gets more and more complicated, it is getting harder to face April 15th, let alone fill out the forms required of you. We can take away the headaches involved with this yearly ritual.

In addition, we encourage all of our Individual Tax Clients to call us throughout the year with questions and concerns. Most routine requests are answered quickly and without cost. The only time we will charge to answer these questions is when research is needed. Of course, we’ll warn you ahead of time so a bill never surprises you.

If you are more adventuresome and want to fill out your own 1040, we're happy to review it for you once it’s completed. You can then rest easy, knowing that you’ve met all of Uncle Sam’s requirements and have taken advantage of each deduction for which you are eligible, thereby minimizing your tax liability and reducing your risk of a call from dear old Uncle Sam.

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