Every community relies on nonprofit organizations to round out the services offered by for-profit and governmental entities. Nonprofits are an essential piece of the economic picture. Additionally, nonprofit organizations have specialized needs from governance and tax issues to grant and financial reporting.

Today, each sector of the nonprofit community is faced with a myriad of challenging business issues—competition for charitable contributions, administrative cost containment, specialized reporting for grants and financial statement display, and disclosure requirements imposed by the Internal Revenue Service, as well as state and local regulatory authorities. Any or all of these challenges can create a turbulent working environment and the need for strong financial management expertise. Implementing initiatives to address these areas takes a proactive, structured, and disciplined approach. K2S team members play a meaningful role in helping an organization’s professional staff and board of directors establish solid financial and operational management.

K2S has been serving community nonprofit clients since 1985. Through specialized education, engagement experience, committed volunteer involvement, and networking with organization executives, K2S team members are able to assist nonprofit clients with an intrinsic understanding of their unique needs while providing innovative opportunities and ideas gleaned from the sharing of industry best practices.

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